Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
 Of Northeastern New York

Fun Photos
Thanksgiving at Carol's 2017
Demon Daisy aka DD doesn't want to miss Thanksgiving dinner so she's patiently waiting on the table!!!!
Christmas at Carol's not sure of date! Too Cute!
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Some Oldies But Goodies
Grandpa Rebus Hanging out with his granddaughters.  Had tough day of playing in the yard and entertaining visitor all day
Karlee Melk Abbey Lucky Luca
Owned and loved by Laura and John Calabrese
Tippy on her way to have photo with Santa
Owned and loved by Carrie Cronin
Taylor all ready for Christmas.  Owned and loved by Nancy Chando
Nancy Chando and her beautiful Tris
Pippa, Julia and Lillian owned and loved by Lisa and William May
Now those are some ears - Mona - adored by Lisa May 
Pat Reilly with Holly and little Oliver 2017 fall photo
Bielman's Cosmos Hill Jesse
adored by Kathy Wickwire
That's a funny looking Cavalier - The Oehler Crew
Clairboro Lucky Puppy Dancing Moonlight - I'm Hungry!!!!!
She is  not waiting for dinner time!  She's helping herself!!!
Oehler Girls hanging with the Smith Boys
Charolotte and Shelby - Loved by Norene and Joe Oehler
Kathy Wickwires entire family
Daniel in the front, Billy, Elizabeth Rose, Jesse and Fred the Gordon Setter
Charm running agility through the tunnel -  Loved by Sabine Gregory
Annie - still lovely to look at - loved by Darlene and Nick Petraila
Cinder watching 'The Duke' with Nick Petralia
Tippy with Santa 2017
Luca Calabrese posing beautifully with Santa  from 2015
Daisy lounging this summer with Margarita and Nick Sainato 2017
GCH Rebus with one of his granddaughters...see the resemblance? 2017
The Next Generation -Lexi,  Greta and Bill Smith's granddaughter - Specialty 2017
The kissing booth was just the right height for Lexi to stack her pup! - Specialty 2017
Lucky Smith - Loving the Snow
Daisy Sainato posting by the Christmas tree - 2017 
Tippy hanging out
Nancy, Pat and Angela at the Wilburton Inn in Manchchester Vermont for the Cavalier Holiday Party

​Whose Couch is this? - Kathy Wickwire's crew!
Elizabeth Rose, Billy, Jesse and Daniel photo bombing in the background
The beautiful American/Canadian Champion Burbrook Storm Chaser - Carol Rose
"Why's it so chilly Mom? - Jennifer Schrock's Zelda
Jack and Abby enjoying the new bed that Santa brought Christmas 2017 Owned and loved by John and Barbara Ioia
Billy (Kathy) Wickwire sleeping with his toy in his mouth to protect it from his brothers!
Photos submitted by Debbie Odonnell 11/5/2018
October 14, 2021 Carol's boys